About Us

Our mission is to provide children an avenue to use their talents for charitable purposes, empowering them to make a difference in the lives of others while teaching them empathy and leadership skills.

Nikki’s Dream

One day 7 year old Nikki and her Mom were watching “American Idol Gives Back.” In this case, the judges traveled to Africa to promote charity. Nikki immediately gave her entire allowance to charity.

“Wow” her Mom said,“You saved three children.” Nikki burst into tears. “That’s not enough. What more can one child do?”

Nikki decided to raise more money by producing a charity CD.

Not being musically inclined, and knowing nothing about how to produce a CD, her mom eventually found a choir coach willing to work for the project at no cost. Nikki asked her friends to join her cause, and eventually the group found a recording engineer.

Nikki’s Uncle Steve, who has produced two CDs himself, gave guidance and support. All the moms pooled their resources and underwrote the costs so that 100% of the proceeds could be donated. This took us a year and a half.

The group rehearsed in Nikki’s home and in the 15 year old harpist’s house before recording . Don Budd, the recording engineer, helped the young singers through the sessions. Once the CD was mastered, one of the grandfathers of the kids asked a favor from Daniel Huenergardt who designed our beautiful artwork, again donating everything. Banners and posters were done at a discount. It seemed the whole community wanted to help the kids become successful.

The group chose Doctors Without Borders, Children’s Malnutrition Program to be the beneficiary of our proceeds, allowing the Silicon Valley kids to help other less fortunate children living with famine, war, and inadequate medical attention. This was Nikki’s Dream.

Our first CD, produced in 2009, raised $9,000 for Doctors Without Borders.

Our Latest CD

Our 2010 CD, "Voices of Love: Believe" will benefit two charities:

Please consider being a part of the dream of these young and eager children who want to make a difference, and purchase a CD, or donate. It is the wish of every mother involved to have their child feel empowered and empathetic at an early age, and to carry these lessons through their lifetime.

This is the start of a children’s non-profit, one we plan on growing. Watch for other CDs in the coming months and years!